PRIMACO – certification process against TAPA TSR LVL 1 & GDP initiated!

Posted by Primaco

In 30 years of business, PRIMACO has experienced numerous challenges within high value and pharmaceutical products transports. Unauthorized door opening, break-ins and thefts, secured parking areas, temperature requirements, are some of countless risks which are continuously active in transport industry.

Therefore, as one of our missions is continuous development, PRIMACO has signed the Investment Agreement for our fleet, whereby the preconditions for TAPA TSR Level 1 and cGDP standards have been met.

On our currently active safety and security system, which has been proven as more than reliable, we will upgrade additional security systems, in order to provide high security of the products and safe transport, from any departure to any destination within Europe and beyond. Our vehicles are monitored from 0 to 24 every working and non-working day, thanks to in-house developed and Annex 11 GMP validated, GPS vehicle tracking system called Smartivo.

PRIMACO – Home for Transport Quality and Reliability!