Primaco is a logistics provider for many companies delivering high value products, including hi-tech and pharmaceutical companies. Over the years we have developed an extensive experience in services related to the handling & transportation of High Value products. Contact us on

These transports are executed with specifically designed security truck & trailer combinations which can only be opened from a distance. We believe that our extensive experience creates opportunities that differentiate us from our competitors.

Our GPS tracking system is in-house developed and maintained by our own garage. The equipment is last generation on market, and all traffic is constantly monitored both by an internal and an external control tower. So of the features connected with SMARTIVO:

  • Door opening sensor
  • Temperature sensors
  • Trailer disconnect sensor and alarm
  • Panic button
  • Hidden switch – activation by driver
  • Satellite monitoring of our vehicles
  • Route monitoring + official local web sites such as or
  • Geo-fencing
  • Remote engine shutdown – connected with panic button

Features on our security trucks & trailers for high value goods:

  • Kingping locks – distributed by technical department, installed by drivers
  • Steel seals – distributed by technical department, installed by drivers
  • Padlocks combined with mechanical locks – distributed by technical department, installed by drivers
  • FRC certificates for every trailer
  • 24/7 operating control tower – commercial department, technical department, quality department
  • List of secured parking areas
  • Air cuff locks
  • Geo-fencing within the SMARTIVO system
  • Trailer identification on roof (visible from air from 200 to 300 meters)
  • Trained and also screened drivers – combined operation by human resources department and quality department
  • Trailers without logos or any sort of graphical connection with products.