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Through our team of specialists we can provide a whole range of exceptional transport services for national and international shipments like example of steel plates, silos, tower cranes, excavators, cooling towers, building materials and other special loads. Not only are our transport activities exceptional, we can also depend on an exceptional team for planning this transport. They organise work optimally and estimate the time and distances perfectly, taking into account the amount of traffic and the properties of the freight.


Logistics beyond the EU borders often follow unique rules. Primaco has extensive logistics expertise within the European network with the country-specific know-how of our experts for the dispatch. In addition, logistics beyond the EU borders often follow unique rules. The knowledge and experience of experts who possess comprehensive geographic knowledge and language skills are sought after in this situation.

Whether it is long, wide or high, we consider each exceptional transport as a new challenge.

Team “assist” the client far beyond the actual transport service and ensure all communication along the service chain: from driver and contractor to authorities and the consignee. A comprehensive and project-related consultation occurs at the beginning of the collaboration.